Do you feel sad, anxious, disconnected, stuck in a rut?

Are you easily overwhelmed?

Has joy gone missing?

Would you like to move beyond stress –

old events from your past that are holding you back?

Are you ready to change?


With gentle support, exploring your story to rediscover the real you


Life can get better.

Contact here.


I’m Monica Duncan, a Brampton therapist specializing in energy healing for personal development and spiritual growth. I work with individuals looking to heal from trauma and its fallout – grief, anxiety, depression, ptsd, relationship issues – the incidents and accidents that steal our joy. Interested? Contact here. 



I’ve slept better than I have in weeks and I now see things in a different light. I seem more in tune to thoughts and things around me. Thank you!

B.K., Caledon, Ontario

I feel much more connected to my real Self and more equipped to overcome my personal hurdles. I have much more clarity and renewed vigor!

M.G., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I have definitely felt a difference emotionally. Since my session, I feel more at ease and better able to focus. I feel like I can cope…

M.C., Newmarket, Ontario