Welcome. My practice comes from a heartfelt desire to support people in their personal healing. With that in mind, I’ve explored and experienced many healing modalities and am pleased to offer you the single most effective process I have encountered: Holographic Memory Resolution® (HMR).


My background for this includes hospice and lay chaplaincy in a health care setting, a degree from the University of Toronto, further studies at the University of Waterloo, the Cleveland Clinic, and certification at the source with HMR’s founder, Brent Baum.


We all have events in our past that can hold us back, unresolved experiences that keep us from growing and flourishing.  With HMR we can move beyond old patterns, gently heal and replace the wounded scripts that have been running our lives. I’ve done it myself and it’s a worthwhile pursuit. I’d like to invite you to an exploratory session of HMR, an excellent support for healing, balance and change.


Your time with me begins with where you are now and what you would like to change.

Together we move forward in comfort and safety, and at your own unique pace.

Your innate wisdom is rediscovered, nurtured, honoured.  And what was once bound up in old stories is made available to you, energy and a sense of spaciousness and new possibility.




When you change, the people around you change their response to you!

“I never ever thought I would deal with that stuff.” “I feel like a huge weight just came off.”

“I’m handling things much better now.” “Wow. That was amazing!” “Our session completely changed my life!”

Let’s Put HMR to Work for You!



+ HMR Certified*

+ HCH, Wellness Inst., Cleveland Clinic

+ Commissioned lay chaplain

*see www.healingdimensions.com

+ Member, IASD

+ Reconnective Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique

+ Counselling, University of Waterloo, ’96

+ BA, University of Toronto, ’83