Energy Healing for Grief

At some point in our lives, we will cope with grief. I use the word cope because dealing with grief in its early stages is not healing grief, it is just hanging on. But there is good news. Energy healing can transform grief. Joy will return! The grief experience can be overwhelming, and getting through a day can feel like...[ read more ]

Top Three Ways to Heal Grief

Dealing with the loss of a loved one, be they a person or a companion animal, can be daunting. You will be triggered in ways you didn’t know were possible and on some days you will hurt in ways that take your breath away. Take heart, healing happens. And there are three ways to heal grief, three concepts to adopt...[ read more ]

The Body Does Not Lie

The Body Does Not Lie People who work with horses know: Horses don’t lie. Prey animals, horses respond instantly and honestly to danger, running if startled, kicking out, or adopting a tense, defensive posture, as adrenaline courses through their bodies. Human beings are similar. In the last several decades, brain imaging scans have revealed the body does not lie. When...[ read more ]

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