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Q & A about HMR…

Is this work Psychotherapy?

Although my work will give you a new sense of freedom, it is not psychotherapy. It is somatic energy work which engages your imagination and the imagery that your experience offers up. It is a good adjunct to conventional psychotherapy and has been known to shorten the time you might spend there.
Somatic energy work involves engaging all your layers, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual – the estimated 97% of recorded material that is scripting your life but which lives just outside of your conscious awareness.

Do I have to go over things that I would rather forget?

It is not necessary to ‘relive’ old material to create significant change.

Instead your history is viewed in safety, at a distance and at a pace that is comfortable to you, consolidating healthy new boundaries and allowing you to come to peace with your past.

How many sessions should I do?

Together we determine what is working for you. Energy work is gentle, so it’s not a problem to do several sessions in close succession. It makes sense to do personal work as you are comfortable, and as you gain more confidence, energy and joy from the process. People with a more challenging history find engaging in this work on some kind of schedule, once a week or once a month, to be both energizing and gratifying.

What if it's about someone else who won't get help?

When we raise our level of self-esteem the way that others relate to us naturally evolves as well. This can often be enough to rebalance an ongoing imbalance in a relationship. We cannot make another person change, but the healthier we are the less we require others to change. Often new found self-esteem allows us to reconsider our need for relationships which feel unhealthy.

My situation involves someone who has crossed over...

We are living in a world of energy and those who have crossed over are still accessible to us in surprising ways.

Significant healing can still happen with those who have passed, resolving unfinished business and forging a new relationship to the past and present.

I'm nervous...

Embarking on something new is always a bit daunting. If you are just a bit scared you are identifying that you are ready and have something exciting to learn.

Psychologist and mystic Carl Jung once noted that our greatest treasure often lays hidden under the very thing we are trying to avoid.

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