Holographic Memory Resolution®

We now know that stress and trauma induce an altered state of consciousness that captures and stores emotional and physical pain – during the fight flight freeze response. HMR allows us to access and release these statically held states of consciousness, which often manifest as depression, anxiety, compulsion, addiction, pain and illness. HMR facilitates resolution of the painful emotions that anchor us in past traumatic events without having to ‘relive’ our experiences. The hallmark of HMR is the empowerment of the individual’s own ‘healer within’. Contact here.


Your HMR Session

Research indicates that HMR induces an alpha-theta brainwave state that lets the conscious mind relax while providing enhanced access to memory. Done from a seated position HMR, using both a verbal technique and a supportive hand on the back to enhance a feeling of safety, works to reframe your past. This is thought to reduce memory-based pain. Understanding the human body to be a system of coordinated energy patterns in continual motion, HMR is dedicated to helping achieve balance. HMR is a very comforting practice, on its own or alongside conventional treatment. Contact here.


Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing®  which I offer both in person and as distance healing, is an energy transmission which finds its way via your inner healer to the places where you are meant to heal and grow. While what happens is neither ‘directed’ nor easily quantified, RH can certainly be felt as the session transpires and the insights which arise serve to enlighten and transform you over the ensuing weeks and months. The work has been described as an endowment of ‘energy, light and information’.

I first encountered this field of ‘energy, light and information’ when, as a child, I was spontaneously drawn into a parallel dimension: infinite intertwining threads of golden compassionate living light, a kind of cosmic web. Having become familiar with this field as a vibrant loving intelligence I feel strongly that receiving its wisdom, at any stage of our lives, greatly assists us along our path. Rather than accidentally stumbling upon it, however, you can now consciously engage this expansive awareness on a multitude of levels.

RH introduces you to your larger self: first into the still deep pool of your connected consciousness, and then moving out to the beyond. You dive in as a pebble and come out as the wave… changing yourself and subtly rippling out to affect everyone you meet. I’ve seen its effects in my practice on those who seek to evolve, in work with the sick and transitioning and with animals.

Contact here to arrange your session. If receiving your session at distance you will be required to set aside uninterrupted quiet time to experience the energy, and we will consult both before and after your appointment.

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