Thank you so much for yesterday’s session. I just feel so peaceful. D.H., Toronto, Ontario

I just wanted you to know, that really helped me. Thanks a lot. G.M., Bolton, Ontario

I’ve slept through the night for the first time in years! P.K., Brampton, Ontario

I feel like a huge weight just came off. S.R., Orangeville, Ontario

Wow. That was amazing! Z.J., Mono, Ontario

Our sessions completely changed my life! C.E., Tottenham, Ontario

My experience with Monica was, in a word, easy. She immediately made a connection with me, even though we are in different countries and a time zone apart. As with any energy healing experience, I did not know what to expect, but Monica allowed me room to trust the process. During our follow-up conversation, I was thrilled she discovered all the static spots that I didn’t really want to talk about, yet she arrived at [it all] through the work on her side. Monica has a gentle, caring nature and it is obvious she loves the path that chose her. I’m grateful for her insight and suggestions to a clearer path for me. F.G., Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I’ve slept better than I had in weeks and I now see things in a different light, I seem more in tune to thoughts and things around me. Thank you for that. B.K., Caledon, Ontario

The treatment had a great positive impact regarding clearing subtle blocks to do with confusion and resistance, and helping to open the pathways to Clarity in the moment. Also in helping with a constructive response to fear in-the-moment when it’s happening. Fear in its many disguises… It certainly has helped me move into a “next stage”. Thanks for that! C.T., Barrie, Ontario

Thank you. You are an amazing light worker. Loved the waves of light energy washing away my heavy energy. Thank you for the new me! S.J., Owen Sound, Ontario.

Thank you for a wonderful treatment, it enhanced my senses and cleared some of my blockages. Thank you for a marvellous job and a great conversation. Thank you. C.W., Oakville, Ontario

I felt the session was profoundly helpful… First, the experience seemed far beyond words. Secondly, manifestations of what happened during that session have continued to unfold and bear fruit in my life. I believe my experience has continued to help new levels of consciousness to unfold within myself…. During our session, my hands were penetrated by waves of warmth. Beautiful shades of blue, green, pink and purple swirled through and around me. I felt as if connections between my hands and my mind that had long been frozen were being thawed and reconnected… M.F.B., Kokomo, Indiana  

Since my session I definitely feel the lingering effects.  There seems to be a constant state of calmness about me. I am noticing more around me and feel a connection like never before, to nature, people, places.  It’s almost as if I can ‘hear’ the reasoning behind what people say and do now, I now have a stronger sense of understanding and patience. One definite physical change I noticed was my eyes. Before seeing you I was using my reading glasses at work all day and they were always sore and tired at night.  About 3 days after our session it dawned on me as I was sitting at my desk that my glasses were still on their case and had been for the last 3 days.  I don’t need them to see my numbers any more, needless to say I am thrilled about that. Thank you so much for introducing me to the effects of Reconnective Healing.   It really is something special… You certainly have a talent for healing, thank you so much. B.K., Caledon, Ontario

I feel much more connected to my real Self and more equipped to overcome my personal hurdles. I have much more clarity and renewed vigor! M.G., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I have definitely felt a difference emotionally.  I feel more at ease and better able to focus.  I feel like I can cope.  Before the treatment I was feeling very forlorn and disconnected… frustrated with everything… living in fear, focused on what’s wrong… and then KNOWING I didn’t want to be in that space and struggling.  I truly believe your treatment snapped me out of it. I really thank you for that. M.C., Newmarket, Ontario

The Reconnective Healing experience deepened my sense of intuitive perception. Since the session I ‘ve had a deeper, holistic sense of peace and awareness. With gratitude and thanks for your great gift and healing hands. M.G., Caledon Ontario

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